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Mastering English made easy with Vocabulary Complete. This is a complete Study aid including Study package(3330+ unique and most used words in professional/daily use), Quiz package, Dictionary (170,000+ unique words), Thesaurus (30,000+ unique words and their synonyms) and many more features. Grammar Expert: English Vocabulary Complete is planned by professional teachers and equipped with an exhaustive list of over 3300 important words which are strategically distributed in 20 Topics. Now you do not need to worry anymore, just take up “Grammar Expert : English Vocabulary Complete” and you will be all set to take any ESL Exam (like TOEIC, PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT) head on! 20 Strategically Planned Topics: ==================== * Psychology * Conversation * Human Behavior * Politics * Expressions * Personality & Mood * Health * Entertainment * Finance * Business * Religion * Nature * Sports * Travel & History * Nutrition & Fitness * Conflicts & Negatives 1 * Conflicts & Negatives 2 * Descriptive Words * Verbs, Adverbs & Adjectives 1 * Verbs, Adverbs & Adjectives 2 Useful tip: ======= First use the Study Mode to browse through and learn the most important words in English Language. Once you feel ready enough you can use the Quiz Mode to test yourself. Quiz mode features over 3300 Questions which will test your vocabulary skills in a multifaceted pattern.
Features: ====== * Learn vocabulary topic by topic and test your understanding in a topic exam. * Take the Final Vocabulary Exam to test your proficiency in English Vocabulary. * All questions are prepared by a team of leading educationists in USA and Europe who have decades of experience in English grammar education and preparing students for tests like TOEIC, PET, KET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT * Detailed test results: ⁃ Question by question analysis of test results. ⁃ Keep track of exactly how many times you tried each question and how many times you got it right. ⁃ Time spent in answering each question. ⁃ Whether you used the hint feature in solving the question. ⁃ Store history of up to 10 topic exams and 10 Final Grammar Exams ⁃ Measure your progress in each topic through a slick graph Bonus Features: ========== -Complete English Dictionary: The App features a Complete English Dictionary with over 176,300 words with detailed meanings. Use it to quickly refer any word in English Language -English Thesaurus: The App features a Thesaurus with over 30,000+ unique words and their synonyms. Use it to quickly refer any word in English Language Favorites: ====== The Favorites feature provides the ability to easily bookmark the words so that you can quickly refer them anytime you need.
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