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Test your Biotechnoogy knowledge. The most advanced and comprehensive Biotechnoogy Quiz on app store. Biotechnoogy fun and engaging like never before!! The app has 27 comprehensive categories with 670+ questions to train and test your Biotechnoogy knowledge. All questions have been vetted carefully. The various quizzes in app are as below: 1.Animal Biotechnology Chromosomes 2.Animal Breeding & Transgenic Animal 3.Animal Cell Culture & Regulation 4.Antibiotics 5.Beer & Wine 6.Biosensors & Biochips 7.Cell Cycle 8.Cloning Vectors 9.Disorders 10.Environmental Protection 11.Ethanol Production 12.Gene Transfer In Plants 13.General Plant Biotechnology 14.Media Required For Plant Cell Culture 15.Monoclonal Antibodies 16.Nitrogen Fixation & Photosynthesis 17.Plant Cell Culture 18.Plant Genetics 19.Plant Structure 20.Recombinant DNA 21.Special Proteins & Crop Improvement 22.Synthesis Of Therapeutic Agents 23.Synthetic Seeds 24.Transgenic Plant 25.Transport Of Molecules In Plant 26.Vectors Uses For Animal Cell Culture 27.Vinegar & Citric Acid
* DETAILED TEST RESULTS: A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. It shows you the time you took, the score, which questions you answered correctly and where you were wrong. And yes, you can E-MAIL the results. * PROGRESS GRAPH: 1. The app records your progress as you start giving practice tests. 2. It shows your progress in an informative graph so that you can track your weak areas and focus on them. * VERY EASY TO USE: 1. The slick user interface allows you to choose from possible answers. 2. You don't need to press too many buttons or encounter any alert messages. 3. The app is very interactive and needs minimum user input. Innovative use of iPhone's small screen real estate. * ADDITIONAL FEATURES LIST: 1. Choose number of questions you would like in each test. 2. Share the Detailed Results through Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or simply E-mail it. 3. "Progress Graphs" keeps track of how you are performing in a particular topic. 4. Choose your own timer settings. 5. Cool sound effects. (You can turn them off if desired.) 6. Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test
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